eGHL is an online payment gateway product from GHL Systems Berhad that connects renowned South East Asian payment channels with a single integration. Our exploration in emerging markets is often a continuation of innovation and evolved as a product to be the frontier of payment processing market. Our aim remains relevant as ever, as a solution to simplify payment, safe and above all, to deliver the seamless user experience. Since the early 2000s, we have grown considerably and currently operating in 5 countries, processing payments in over 48 currencies

Our Gateway

We want to offer as many possible payment options for users. Our setup with the banks, financial institutions and channel owners across the Southeast Asia countries that enable us to deliver a seamless and straightforward payment acquisition for our merchants.

Our Products

eGHL Payment Card Industry (PCI) environment allow non-PCI compliant merchants to make online card payments possible for our customers. This ensures security for the whole ecosystem. We emphasize on better UI-UX to increase conversion with the quickest checkout.